I/LO-252 & I/LO-250 28Mhz cw transatlantic qsos

This morning, I gave up the sota due to warm strong wind called Foehn that blowed in my area. In the midday, I chatted with Fabio ik2ley in activation of I/LO-234 Poieto, 30km south East from mt qth, he told me that the weather was good on Poieto. In the early afternoon I choosed to activate a tris I/LO-252-250-234. I drove to Salvezza and I walked up to first summit, Corona Bianca, it was sunny and about 20 Celsius degree without Wind, thanks Fabio for info!

Reached the top I focused on 28 and 21mhz. I managed 2 transatlantic qsos on 28Mhz. For validate the activation I qsy on 20ssb.

I passed in Qrt for reach the other two summits. I aimed to Podona I/LO-250, when I arrived on the top I started on 28Mhz cw. Given that I didn’t want to waste the opening to US, I gave up the third summit and I stayed on Podona until sunset.

I managed 8 United States stations on 28Mhz cw: est cost before the grey zone and Texas and California during the grey zone; I worked one US station on 14Mhz cw after in the last grey zone.
@N4EX I copied an N when I was in 28Mhz, I imagined that it was you, but the signal was too weak. On 14Mhz your signal was good!

It was a great sota afternoon!!!
Many thanks at All!!
see you soon
iw2obx Roberto


TNX fer the nice SOTA QSO, Roberto! Vy nice activations!


73 de Jonathan “JB”

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Thanks Jonathan! It was a pleasure work you on ten meters!

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Hi Roberto, thanks for sharing your activation report with great photos too. :+1: :grinning:

Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Roberto -
Thanks for the 10m QSO from Polona on a beautiful sunny day. 10-20 meters open to EU summits from before local sunrise to noon here in the SE USA.
73, Tom, W4JKC


Well done Roberto !!

73 de IW0HK Andrea

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