I/LO-192 strong wind 31/01/22

I wanted to activate a summit despite the weather forecast announced strong wind from north. I chose to climb up i/lo-192 monte due mani from south side. A pleasure walk sheltered from the wind. when I reached the summit rigde I had to deal with force of nature. I sat on south side about 5 meter under the ridge and I installed the 80-10 efhw ultra thin wire 22mt long with load coil in inv v configuration.

it was fun to see the dance of the top of the pole. I had time to analized the antenna with minivna.
those were the results.

The large bandwidth is due to the resistance of thin wire.
I start in 80 cw, i managed two qso ground wave. I used the ATU with difficulty on 60mt, I managed one qso in cw. I qsy in 20cw but in short time a disheartened pile up started. I decided to pass in ssb. also in this mode I found a lot of confusion. I resisted as long as an anomalous gust of wind shot down the pole folding the picket.

I used 2mt fm for the last calls.
Thanks at all chasers