I/LG-303 and I/LG-304

Once again the RNB spotted me with the wrong reference.
I have setup an alert for I/LG-303 before living home but not for the I/LG-304.
Then I went on first summit and have been spotted fairly on LG-303.
Has i could not self-spot on second summit 2 hours later, the RNB thought i was still on LG-303…
DJ5AV has corrected the mistake twice. (thanks Mike)

As it was rainning, i could not stay a long time.

73 all and thanks for the Qso
F6HBI Gerald

In reply to F6HBI:
Hi Gerald, the RBNgate will spot you on the same summit for three hours after your alerted time.
If you put s+1 in the comment of your alert, RBN will only spot you for 1 hour after your alerted time. s+2 would be for 2 hours etc.

Sorry I missed you today,


In reply to F6HBI:
Hi Gerald,
I miss you for 5 min !!! Too long with the bees :,-) hiii!!!
Thanks for the 303’s !!!
Heard you soon…