I learned a couple of things today

Hi All,

Winter Hill Activation Report:

I had decided to use HH only for this one as it was only 1 point and weather was unpredictable as usual. Got stuck in traffic on Motorway and coming thro Bolton so thought I was late by the time I reached AZ. I discovered later I was 20 mins early as I had alerted for 10.30 and not 10.00.

Any way parked in spot recommended by Richard and just enough room for one car, Summits all covered in Heavy Mist but dry when leaving car. half way up clouds descended and left me with no Descent view!! Rain came down just as I passed the little house with no roof on to left of path. continued to Fence and decided to hang my bag up and go for it looking over Bolton in the Mist. 13 Qso’s and my Battery running out and after swapping to slab. I shouted my last QRZ call and silence. This made me decide on a rapid descent and get a Brew and Butty in Bolton. ( Never bothered in the end and just made for home instead.

Anyway to go back to title “I learned a couple of things today that Activators should not do!!!” Shall I keep you guessing? Hi Hi.

  1. Don’t leave your Squelch on so high that you are not getting weak stations which may give you your first four Contacts or even after that!!! In the words of Captain Mainwaring “You Stupid Boy!!” Thats me today and nearly missed a good Mobile contact with 2E0BTX/M I will think more next time round!!

  2. Dont start having a RagChew when activating if you have Chasers waiting for you!! Yes I was enjoying playing Radio and started have a right waffle !!! Stupid Boy Twice today.

To Finish , Thanks for all who gave me calls today , as usual they have been logged and much appreciated



In reply to M6ADL:
Hi Tony.Due to the fact that SOTA was very quiet this morning and Winter Hill is difficult for me on VHF and I had not worked it on 2 metres.I decided to go out mobile and give you a call from a hill between Colne and Nelson.Thanks for the short QSO all the best Geoff G6MZX

In reply to M6ADL:

Well done on the activation. I did wonder whether you might get a soaking as the forecast wasn’t good - seems you got away with it, but missed the views.

I was really pleased to work you from Allt Fawr GW/NW-025 yesterday afternoon. I hope that the other activations you have planned for the next few days go smoothly.

73, Gerald

In reply to G6MZX:

No problem Geoff as I said I will always try to cater for chasers and if thats a unique for you on VHF FM then I have done my job. Hope to get you again when I do the other SP summits closer to you. I do prefer SSB contacts with Beam but this was not planned for on this summit today.



In reply to G4OIG:

Thanks Gerald, I did comment the WX was nowhere near as bad as yours yesterday. Thats the problem in this country as an Activator,you dont know from one day to the next what its going to do!!!??

Thanks for the points from NW-025 on Sunday and good on you for staying up there in those 'Orrible conditions!



In reply to M6ADL:

Hi Tony

Glad you enjoyed the activation. I learn something new everytime I put my walking boots on and the rucksack on my back.
Enjoy the rest of the weeks activations.

Ian 2E0EDX

In reply to M3EDX:

Cheers Ian, ye thats the thing We are all learning all the time.

Take Care hope to work you soon on the next summits.