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I bet you've never had a deer chew your antenna!

Grassy Ridge Bald activation report.


Great sunset photos.

Thanks for sharing.


no deer … but a bunch of cows!

ok you win! That is awesome!

had cows eating the wire element of my hf invered v. was still txing cows chewed right through the kevlar wire, there was about 1m missing. they then decided that my 12m military mast would make a great scratching post.


COTA perhaps?

well … COTA is already in use by “castles on the air”

so maybe COWOTA??

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Well, about twenty years ago while ascending the Watzmann from the south (DL/BG-040 as it is now), a young chamois came right up to me and started to lick the salt off my arm.

Quite amazing, since these creatures are normally VERY shy of humans and always stay at least a few hundred meters away from them. I’d have offered it my antenna if I’d had one with me, since they’re apparently so very tasty…

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