I am seeking advice

I am planning to activate Firle beacon G/SE-010 on Friday. Having not yet activated a summit, I am uncertain of what frequencies to use and would welcome any ideas or suggestions.
I have a Yaesu ft817 with a vertical on a tripod and have worked poland and italy from near the summit early this evening on 40M using 5W. I plan to be on the summit at about 11 am this friday.
Many thanks, 73’s
Andy Twort 2m0osk

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Hi Andy

40m has been very good during the mornings recently with lots of intra-G so you shouldn’t have too many problems getting contacts.

The usual frequency that most go for is 7.118 MHz but I’ve recently found that most days there is a net on 7.117 so I’ve been looking for any clear frequency and either prearranging a spot service or self spotting.

If you can, self spot just before or during your first calls, that way you won’t have to wait too long before the chasers start looking.

Depending on how efficent your antenna is 5W should be fine.

I hope propagation goes your way, have a good time and don’t be too disappointed if the sky isn’t working properly.

Carolyn (G6WRW)

Btw pop yourself an alert up with the summit you are planning to do, not everyone reads all the posts on the reflector

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Many thanks,
Andy 2m0osk