I/AB-013 (Monte Ocre) IW0HK & IZ0FLY

Hello Om, today fantastic activation with Luca IZ0FLY on the summit in Abruzzo, a new one for us, Monte Ocre near the Campo Felice field area. We have a nice walk of 2 hours climbing from 1500. mt to the top of 2200 mt of the summit, then we setup 2 station, one mine with Ft-817 and a 7 meter vertical antenna , and Luca with Elecraft K1 and a very high window antenna.

First a made a mistake, i was in 20 meter cw and i had sent the spot on Sotawatch3 with the wrong summit :frowning: (was I/LZ-151)… then i discover… and i have sent again the spot with the right summit code of monde Ocre.

We made more than 36 qso on 7/10/14 cw & sbb and two Summit to summit with SP9MA/P and HB9EVF/P. Today was the perfect day !!

73 And IW0HK