Hundredth Mountain Goat?

Looking at the Activators Roll of honour, is Z35BY the hundredth person to qualify as a Mountain Goat??


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It looks that way to me. What a splendid achievement for the scheme.

No doubt those with their fingers on the SQL can break this down by Association.
Much too difficult to do by a visual scan (for me, anyway). Not a clue how it distributes, at least partly because of the many different prefixes.

Now 101, apparently, with the arrival of OK1DIG. Congratulations to Daniel.


Congratulations Daniel on achieving Mountain Goat and congratulations Damjan on being the 100th Mountain Goat.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

Hi all,
also I would like to congrats to Dan, OK1DIG, for reaching the Mountain Goat. Dan is very active Activator - this result reached in less of 1 year! Nice job!
I have had two s2s QSO with Dan today:

  • the first one OK/PL-084 (Me) <> OK/PL-067
  • the second OK/PL-035 <> OK/PL-089
    The second summit leaved Dan as the new Mountain Goat already.
    Good Luck on another summits, Dan, good health, enough of power and plenty of good Friends.
    The same congratulations and wishing to Damjan, Z35BY…
    Petr OK1EQ

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Thanks to all for the congratulations. After submitting the log this evening it looks that Damjan Z35BY and me both have 1001 points and the ladder shows #99 for both of us :slight_smile: the next rank is 101 … My original goal was to complete the Mountain Goat Award till 10th April ( my birthday ), however an obstacle in form of a really nasty flu put a stop for my activations for 14 days. I was happy to reach the goal today, though still not feeling well. Thanks to all for the numerous contacts in the fine SOTA spirit.

73’s Dan


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Well done Dan. A truly excellent achievement!

Looking at the points table usually makes me wonder what it takes to get up to the lofty heights of double, triple, quadruple and even quintuple Goat. It is also amazing to see how many of the top listed activators are still out on the summits, though there are many I’ve not managed to make a contact with yet. It’s a bit like my school report - must try harder! :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Well done, Dan and Damjan.

Just out of curiosity I looked at the Chasers and was surprised to see that we now have 534 Shack Sloths and no less than 105 Super Sloths! Sota has come a long way. With G4SSH leading the board at an astronomical 58,900 points it looks like we are eventually going to have to find a snappy title for 100,000 points!


Brian G8ADD

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A Googol Sloth perhaps?



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That was Guignal return!


Brian G8ADD

Even Major Charles Ingram knew what a Googol was, with a little ‘help’ from his unofficial friend Tecwen Whittock.

Richard, I suggest you don’t apply to appear on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, as your maths is out by 95 orders of magnitude.


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Even the best can be shown up on TV quiz shows I’m told.