Huge pileup and 14000 S2S points

Today I was again on the Bückeberg DM/NS-125 together with Uwe, DK8OA.

Although it was quite cold and wet, we were very happy afterwards.

I reached my goal of a total of 14000 S2S points in qso with S56LXN (tnx Bojan). Of which 6554 points in this year.

And Uwe had a huge pileup at 20m.

73 Chris


Hello Chris,

14 000 S2S points, that’s great! Congratulations!

73, Ludwig

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Congratulations. Great effort!

73 Martin

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Looks like someone was “enjoying” the pile up! Yum! Yum! :wink:

Great achievement, Chris!
BTW, there hasn’t been a proper summit party in DM/NS since 2019. 15,000 (hopefully in spring) would be a good opportunity to have a drink on you! HW?



Wenn der Termin passt, komme ich dazu :wink:

73 Armin

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Well done Chris and Uwe and thanks very much for the contact.
Stay safe and best 73

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Hi Chris, well done and quite an achievement, congratulations and on to the 15,000. 73 to you and Uwe. Thanks for the joint activations.
Don. G0RQL.

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“Today on Top SOTA. Chris having cookies with tea. A Scotsman ignoring ITU spelling. Uwe calling it a day.”

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Hello Chris
Congratulations on your 14000 S2S points.!
Also, thank you for the many S2S that we were able to do together.
I wish you continued success, just as much fun and enjoy the mountain activities.
I’m already looking forward to our next S2S QSO.
Vy73 de Robert, HB9OME

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Congratulations Chris! Well done!
73 Fabio

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Hallo Chris and Uwe,

I really enjoyed your call for a double S2S, well done on that.

In fact I think I was warned by SV2RUJ/P that there were other S2S calling after him; I love this international collaboration and friendship!

73 and looking for many more.

P.s. I wish I had such huts in our summits… And I feel envy of your sandwich Chris!


Good to see the video, though I missed your activation. Bückeberg is a hill with a very long activation area, and I’ve activated it twice, but not yet found that shelter. I guess it’s a bit further down the road. :wink:

I’ll have to visit the dinosaur tracks if I’m in the area again, too.


WOW! That is incredible! Congrats!

Kent K9EZ

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Thanks for the good wishes.

Pom, your advice is very good. A meeting of the North German Sota community and friends is long overdue!

Rick, the hidden cabin is just 30m off the road in the woods and easily accessible. On the access road, it is legal to pass the transmission tower to the entrance to the quarry. You can park there, but please not on the street and crossing, otherwise the big trucks won’t be able to get past. Then head southwest in the forest about 50m footpath.


73 Chris


Good shack and TNX Chris for your help in the pileup.
73 José

Thanks! I’ll note that for next time we’re going that way. I’ve walked past that turning! :slight_smile:

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…and today, at rather short notice, I had a chance to re-visit this one, and found the shelter, which was good, because the weather was less than wonderful. I’ll trade getting drenched for the occasional loud pine cone impacts on the shelter’s roof. Thankfully, it had stopped raining by the time I had to pack up after my brief activation. The HF bands I tried seemed to be working well enough, but it was clear from the frequent static crashes that there were active thunderstorms somewhere around the continent, even though there were none nearby. Not nearly as many QSOs as some, but enough…

Now I just have to decipher and type up my scrawl of a log.

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I’m glad you found the arbor and it protected you from the rain. The conditions today were modest for us too, nothing worked on 20m.

73 Chris

I had a rather short window, and only tried 30m and 17m. Just to help, the tip of my mast broke as I was re-setting the links for 17m, so the band change took a bit longer than it should have. I need to add some cord to my pack so that I can use it instead of a mast to hang my antenna on such tree-covered summits…

Also, with a little more organisation, I could have tried adding VHF to the activation. Next time, maybe…

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