+ web spotting/alerting not working as DB webserver down at the moment?

Seems to be returning “error” when accessing.

As a result I don’t seem to be able to put up an alert either on SOTAWatch. “Invalid Association”. I’m tying to add for GW/MW-034.

Same thing happening here and also yesterday for a few hours. Sotadata is down too…


OK. No doubt the “authorities” will now be aware… no problem, I can of course wait to post my alerts.

Admins - delete this when fixed or when you see fit. Ta

Apparently still a problem (0400 UTC 8/5/17) as going to the associations page reports simply in small print under the heading (error) - no more detail than that however as the page at never loads, as Eric suggests, I guess this is the real problem - that the database server is down.

Please note that spots and alerts cannot be placed currently via the web interface at and - valid associations are rejected, again as access to the DB is not possible.

Spotting facilities that don’t validate the summit reference, such as Smartphone Apps will most likely still work.

SPOTLITE Summits on the Air is still working.


can’t update alert either
will be earlier at EA6/MA-053, abt 08:00
will operate 40 cw first, then ssb ± 7032 7118
then 14062 14310
then if open 18089 18125
also monitoring 145.525, may try my slim jim if time
73 Luc EA6/ON7DQ

The DB server was down for a few hours on Saturday and what looks like Monday 0000UTC till 0845UTC. I did have a ticket in with the hosts for Saturday’s outage. I haven’t checked with them for Monday’s issue. I will do but I’m busy at work right now…

Suffice to day everything should be running again. However, when the DB fails, there will be issues with SOTAwatch because it uses the DB for summit verification. Also the SOTA website now uses the DB live for summit info and association info.

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Confirming all appears to be working again now - thanks Andy.

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