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HT antenna comparison

And “the higher, the fewer!”

Re ‘higher’ - if I’m already line-of-sight or nearly so at the summit, is any improvement in signal reports using my vertical 2m dipole on a 3m pole compared to, say, a RH770 1/2-wave telescopic on the HT due to better antenna gain or the fact the antenna is 1m higher off the summit?

If you say ‘both’, please quantify each.

Cos right now, I go to the trouble of erecting the dipole only if I need to shelter in a hole from the wind.

For several years, I activated mostly on 2m FM, and though I can’t quantify it, I found there to be an advantage in getting the antenna up higher above ground. The special case of when you are standing right next to a very steep drop-off might be different.

One clear example that springs to mind was me working Jim, EI9GLB from Fan Fawr GW/SW-005. I was using a wire Jpole on a 5m pole, and Jim called me, based on my spot, but couldn’t hear me. I held the base of the pole up as high as I could, adding about 2m to the antenna height, and we completed the QSO with ease. I was at the trig point, where the summit is more of a plateau than a peak.
I’m not sure what the “sweet spot” for height would be, I guess it depends on several factors, but if getting your antenna up higher is achievable at little cost or effort, then I would do so!



I have been using this antenna since 1.12.2011 - total 3700 p.

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Very interesting. Thanks. I found this also and i confirm the test, on my HT first to do in top is to change antenna with my Nagoya 771