How to send a spot to SOTAwatch using email

I am trying to use a Spot messenger GPS to send a selfspot on SOTAwatch. I can setup a email message. How should I write this email and which adress ? Thanks in advance

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JP … Use the SPOT to send a Text message instead of email to one of the SMS Gateways … ie +1-530-430-SOTA (7682) for North America.
You’ll have to register with Andy, MM0FMF for access.
I think that would be the easiest way. I’m not aware of an email gateway, but if I’m wrong … someone will correct :wink:


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Okay Andrew, well, it would be easier by email but I can try SMS. I think I can send SMS with the GPS.

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Hi JP, I’ve been thinking about buying a SPOT for some time and probably will buy one this summer. When that happens I’ll directly support SPOT emails with my spotting servers.

Until then you have 4 choices. You can use APRS to send spots, you need to contact Stewart G0LGS for details. You can send an SMS to my SMS server in the UK or my server in California. Zsolt HG4UK also runs an SMS to spot server.

To use my systems I need to register you so email me at mm0fmf_sota AT To use Zsolt’s system see SpotGateway Log


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Okay Andy, I’ll wait a bit for a SPOT email support if you decide to set it up.

Until then, if you want to track my position for testing purposes, especially on my activations, check my QRZ page for a link to my SPOT position.

Until now, I am satisfied but still on learning curve. Its not as quick as a cell phone of course but I am OK with that! I mean, I am using communication satellites!


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In fact, the device is is great solution for me. No proper APRS coverage, and cell phone is not 100% here so.

Hi, any progress with spoting by email?

if we can use a registered email then the implementation of SMS spoting in any Association will be very easy using one of the free android SMS forwading apps…

73, Panos, SV1COX