How to Log Special Event so Operator also gets credit?

My club activated using a special event call sign, W6P. We wanted to upload QSOs so that both the club and individual operators would get SOTA activator credit. How can we do this?

We created a SOTA account for the club with W6P as a secondary call sign. In the csv upload from the club account, we listed the operator in the operator call sign column. The upload credited all QSOs to the first operator call and none to the other operators and no credit to the club.


The general SOTA rules state that this is not allowed.
If you known the operators for each QSO just make individual csv/adif and let everone upload with their personal accounts.

73 Joe

See the General Rules:

3.2.5 Participants

Club stations may not participate in their own right as Activators, Chasers or
SWLs but individuals may use club call signs as long as these are recorded against the
individual. The database provides for this.

3.7.1 Criteria for a valid Expedition

Use of a club licence is permitted as long as the operation takes place under
the same conditions that activator’s own licence allows, such as power and frequency limits.

Rick, as already said, clubs are not allowed an account but we are happy for people to log their QSOs when they were using the club callsign. Normally I watch the registrations and when someone registers a club account, I contact them and explain the rules.

I’ve locked the club account for now so the data doesn’t get changed and will be happy to work with you so that the members can get their QSO uploaded. PM me and we can work on this.