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How to fix S2S log error

I entered an S2S in my chaser log that showed an incorrect band. I went into my chaser log but there was a note that the entry couldn’t be deleted because it contained S2S info. I deleted my activator log hoping that I could then go back and delete the chaser entry but no such luck.

What is the proper way to fix my error.


Quinton NU7Y

Just go into your Summit To Summit Log, Delete the wrong entry and then enter the correct one.
Good luck,
Mirko S52CU

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Thanks Mirko. I didn’t know that was a separate log, but I found it and got if fixed.


Quinton NU7Y

Glad you have things sorted Quinton. We would all benefit with some guides on using the DB. It’s relatively straightforward but over time new features have been added that have had to fit in with the constraints of how the system worked. There’s probably lots of little features that many people are unaware about.

All this leads up to me asking, is there anyone who would like to write some guides to using the DB? I think rather than writing a full manual, the best way would be short guides on how to best log activations or chases etc. Along with some of the other features that show your awards status etc.

Any takers?