How to enter log with new day

How do I enter my activation log correctly when the activation time passes 2400 hrs? I am entering the log manually, and it appears that the later entries will be inserted on the wrong date.

Thanks, Fred - N7KRN

Hi Fred

Whether you enter your logs manually or via CSV, the only date you enter is the data your activation started, ie the date of the first QSO. Yes, the Database then presents them in the wrong order, but that is how it is for now!


Thank you very much Tom

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I just change the date in the file after 0000 UTC. Seems to work. To clarify, I always use the UTC date and time. Always have for my AR logs.


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I just change the date in the file after 0000 UTC. Seems to work.

That’s because it’s ignored in V2 files.


You must be referring to the CSV file upload type entry Ron. The original question specified manual Database entry for an activation.

Your method will work Ron, but it will show in the Database as two activations - one on each date. This is fine, generally, as one of the activations will score the points and the other one will score zero.

There is an issue though if, for instance, 3 contacts were made before midnight UTC and one was made after. Your approach would result in the Database recording two activations, both scoring zero points. In order for the Database to see this as one single activation of 4 QSOs, and therefore attracting the points on offer, you would need to do what I advised above and set the date for all four QSOs to the date of the activation = date of the first QSO.

EDIT>>> Forgot about the V2 option … oops!


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One thing I did in the past.

I opened another activation log for those QSOs after 0000, so I had two separate activation logs.

Seems to work also. Of course no points for that “second activation”.

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Well now you know there’s no need to do this. You can just log it as a single activation.


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Thanks for info.