How should /P or /1 etc callsigns be logged?

Greetings from a new member, anticipating ZL3 summits to be approved soon so I can start activating.
I have a question about how callsigns ending in /P or /1 etc. should be entered when logging to the database. Should the /x suffix be added if it was used in the QSO? Or does it not matter and the QSO will be confirmed with or without it?

73 Andrew ZL3CC

Very good question

Depending on where you are in the world say as in Australia, have to add a number stating what part they are in etc ( some one correct if wrong please) But normally we here in UK put P on end of call to state we are portable. As out on Sota we are well and truly Portable no cars or motorised power supply’s just the PSU we carry with us.

EG for me MK3FEH/p

But end of day enter the call you worked on air.

Ps welcome to the world of Sota.
May be you be my first contact EVER into NZ, on the ham bands and if as Sota be even better on me Ickle 10w station.

Have fun


hallo Andrew,
that is not a problem for SOTA, only for your licence authority.
SOTA will recognise DJ5AV, DJ5AV/p, DJ5AV/1 but NOT dj5avp

73 de Mike dj5av

Log what you were sending. Don’t worry about QSO confirmations, they are nice but not essential.

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And will they all be combined together when determining award totals etc.?

SOTA is very simple. Points go to the activator not the callsign. You activate as ZL3CC, log the QSOs in your account with callsign ZL3CC. You active as VK/ZL3CC (or however you do reciprocals/CEPT in VK/ZL) and you log the QSOs to your account and record a different call. It all goes in your pot.

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