How do you get your long wire up?

Well lots ways really but then there’s:-



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The video is not available

73 Viktor

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I think this is Ric’s G3CWI video:

That video misses the step of pulling out a chainsaw and clearing the summit of trees. 95% of the summits here are densely covered with trees.

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Well…maybe on Black Balsam Knob this would work?

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The video is not available
Sorry About that chaps try this one


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Thanks Peter.
This one seems to be better than our slingshot :slight_smile:
Is that drone lightweight and fit into the backpack?
If not, could it bring the backpack to the summit?
73 Viktor HA5LV

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Get a bigger drone & you could take you & your backpack to the summit! :wink:

Of course, that would be against the rules Hi Hi!

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Such a jet pack would really be a big help during SOTA activations :-). Of course not for ascent as this is not allowed. But on the summit. Imagine floating above the trees of a wooded summit with you HT calling CQ SOTA. I only wonder whether one should sign /am in this case?
@Management Team: Is it necessary to be less than 25m ABOVE the summit for a valid activation?

It’s a pity batteries do not last long enough for a complete activation. Otherwise one could simply use the copter for a long vertical. Perhaps I should again think of baloon antennas …?

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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"Imagine floating above the trees of a wooded summit with you

HT calling CQ SOTA."

Reality check - imagine carrying a $1,000 quadcopter + control unit up a hill and then crashing the quadcopter in the top of a tree.

73 Richard G3CWI

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Richard, do not take my last posting too serious :wink: By the way this was attributed to DL4CW’s idea of using jet packs…

Of course in reality such a copter is a fine thing for putting up a wire in your backyard or at a fieldday. Carrying it up a SOTA summit is not a real option in my eyes.

73 de Michael, DB7MM