Hopefully a quick activator points/S2S question

Assuming it’s the first time in over a year I’ve gone up a summit (hence activation score-worthy) is it usual for me to get an activator point for my 4 contacts that were standard chasers, and also an activator point for a S2S call in the same visit?

When I look at my S2S log for today I expected to see a 0 there on “activator points” because I’d already submitted my other log for my summit some minutes before, and would just solely get chaser points for the S2S (hello Colwyn!).

Misunderstanding on my part? I’ve read previous threads on this subject and didn’t seem to get what I needed.

Edit: Also, should I have put the S2S entry in my main activator log? I have for previous activations.

Hi Mark,

The activator points showing in your S2S log are the same points as show in your activator log - they aren’t additional points.

You should (can) enter all QSOs in your activator log, it doesn’t matter whether they are S2S, or with known chasers, or with any other licenced amateur - they are all valid.

The general rule is to enter everything into the database, and let it worry about the points!

Adrian G4AZS


Thanks for that - very helpful. That may mean deleting and resubmitting the entire log for the day, I assume. Otherwise it’s just a separate entry for 0 points and seems redundant.

Hi Mark,
If you are entering the contacts manually, through the website, you will need to enter the S2S contact twice. Once as a “normal” contact along with the other contacts that you got while activating (the S2S contact can be one of the 4 contacts needed to get the points for the summit, or simply an extra contact), then you need to go to the chaser log entry part of the website and enter the S2S contact there again with the S2S option ticked. This will ensure that you get the chaser points for the other summit (and these points are then added to your S2S total as wekk - there are awards just for S2S contacts as well as chaser and activator awards).

If you use a program (such as SOTA CSV editor) - which creates a CSV data file on your PC that you then upload - that file can create the needed activator and chaser/S2S points in the database automatically without any “second action” being needed.

73 Ed DD5LP.

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Thanks! That’s what I’ve done in the past but I did this straight from my phone today via the website on the way home, so I put 4 of my 5 contacts to activate the hill, then the 5th (S2S contact) as a separate S2S entry.

Primarily the post was to clear up the activator points thing - wasn’t immediately clear what it was to me. But a refresher on submission options is always good.

Please enter the S2S contact in the activator log as well, other wise if Colwyn’s contact is validated (when he applies for an award), the enquiry would highlight that the contact was not indicated as part of your activation and hence will not be able to validate Colwyn’s points.

When using the website to enter S2S contacts, you need to enter them twice, once as an activator and once as a chaser/S2S.

73 Ed.

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No it wont.

phrasing corrected-

All fixed now, extra QSO added and old log deleted.

Thanks guys.