Hope Mountain winter wx

It was a last minute decision to activate GW/NW-062 Hope Mountain last night, more a job of getting out of the house for an hour, all the same it was enjoyable despite the winter wx conditions.
I was originally planning the trip to coincide with Tom M1EYP’s activation of G/SP-015 and have another s2s, sorry Tom but I was late on parade, thanks for the point though.
I spent most of the activation huddled in the lee of one of the transmitter buildings (oddly enough absolutely zero desensing) and at one stage had to drop down the radio station approach road and stand in a bush under a tree, due to the very high winds with a high chill factor, not to mention the frequent marble sized rain showers.
Whilst under the tree I was shocked to see a jogger head up the road in shorts in that wx. It took him just over two minutes to ascend to the summit and circumnavigate the trig, then descend past me, talk of fit???
Only 8 stations worked on 2fm, farthest away in distance was Simon M1AVV with a good 58 to 59 signal, very good considering I was only using the FT-817 and rubber duck, also a much better than usual contact with Mick 2E0HJD up in Clitheroe.
Having now acquired an mfj-902 portable tuner, I will look for good wx and go for a full HF activation, 80cw/ssb, 60ssb, cw on request, 40cw/ssb and 30cw.

Thanks to Barry M3PXW for logging for me and for all stations worked…


73 Mike