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Holyhead Mountain - GW-NW/069

Activated Holyhead Mountain - GW-NW/069. Parked in the RSPB car park and paided the parking fee of £2.50 for all day via contactless payment…
Enquired in the cafe about the correct footpath just to make sure.
Got to the summit in around 30mins. A bit misty out at sea

A couple of people around and then I got setup, spotted myself and called CQ.
Made 9 contacts and one S2S - MW0PJE/p on GW/NW-043

Back down to the car and cafe for a brew. A round trip of 1hr 10mins


Doesn’t look like it was a day for hanging around on the summit. I’m presuming it is virtually always windy there, being close to the sea?

Cheers, Mark.

It was less windy than the first activation I did. The mist was gathering and it was 30min walk back down, I made it down for 15:45.
There will always be a wind being that close to the sea.


I’m not sure there is a “right” way up to the summit as there are so many paths, the way I went had a little scramble up the the top which was fun but unexpected for such a small hill.
Good to get you in the log, first time I’ve chased that one.

There are a few routes up. I parked at the RSPB so I could make use of the facilities.
Good to work you as well Peter.


The sea cliffs along Gogarth Bay are a famous rock climbing area and its extremely contorted rocks are a geologists paradise. Though its a long time since my last visit, I remember seeing a lot of outcrops around the summit, it is a good value mountain for its size!

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