Holiday sota ec2ag

Hi there

Well, the holidays, in these 18 days we could activate some summits are over.

02 / Aug / 2014 EA1 / CT-083 (Garita Collado)
03 / Aug / 2014 EA1 / PL-017 (Valcabado)
04 / Aug / 2014 EA1 / PL-007 (Valdecebollas)
04 / Aug / 2014 EA1 / BU-016 (Picon White)
06 / Aug / 2014 EA1 / CT-080 (Trillos)
06 / Aug / 2014 EA1 / CT-099 (Cinch, The)
08 / Aug / 2014 EA1 / CT-090 (Guriezo, Alto)
09 / Aug / 2014 EA2 / SS-003 (Aumategi)
09 / Aug / 2014 EA2 / VI-052 (Urbina)
10 / Aug / 2014 EA2 / BI-023 (Urko)
12 / Aug / 2014 EA2 / VI-044 (Aldaia)
14 / Aug / 2014 EA2 / VI-042 (Kastillo)
14 / Aug / 2014 EA2 / VI-043 (Motxotegi)
15 / Aug / 2014 EA2 / VI-007 (Recuenco).

Thanks to all hunters for their calls, and of course thanks to activators, and be able to S2S, and thanks for the spot in the cluster.



Bueno,se acabaron la vacaciones,en estos 18 dias hemos podido activar alguna cumbres.

02/Aug/2014 EA1/CT-083 (Garita Collado)
03/Aug/2014 EA1/PL-017 (Valcabado)
04/Aug/2014 EA1/PL-007 (Valdecebollas)
04/Aug/2014 EA1/BU-016 (Picon Blanco)
06/Aug/2014 EA1/CT-080 (Trillos)
06/Aug/2014 EA1/CT-099 (Cincho, El)
08/Aug/2014 EA1/CT-090 (Guriezo, Alto)
09/Aug/2014 EA2/SS-003 (Aumategi)
09/Aug/2014 EA2/VI-052 (Urbina)
10/Aug/2014 EA2/BI-023 (Urko)
12/Aug/2014 EA2/VI-044 (Aldaia)
14/Aug/2014 EA2/VI-042 (Kastillo)
14/Aug/2014 EA2/VI-043 (Motxotegi)
15/Aug/2014 EA2/VI-007 (Recuenco) .

Gracias a todos los cazadores por sus llamadas,y como no gracias a activadores,y poder hacer S2S,y gracias por los spot en el cluster.


In reply to EC2A:
Hola Antonio
Well done…
Me too during 5 weeks holiday I’ve done a nice trips (Thanks to Roger for some duals trips !!)
Sorry for don’t stay any longer on summits but the weather this year is very instable so should do quickly… Should abort some summits…
Thanks everybody…
Here the list of the summits :
All log are online…

13/Jul/2014 F/AM-189 (Grande Autane)
13/Jul/2014 F/AM-282 (Petite Autane)
16/Jul/2014 F/AM-357 (La Cuquère)
16/Jul/2014 F/AM-359 (Montagne de Charance)
22/Jul/2014 F/AM-320 (Pic de Gleize)
23/Jul/2014 F/AM-306 (Tête de la Vieille)
25/Jul/2014 F/AM-341 (Sommet du Chamois)
25/Jul/2014 F/AM-342 (Crête de Pradelle)
27/Jul/2014 F/AM-144 (Cîme de la Bonette)
27/Jul/2014 F/AM-145 (Le Mourre Haut)
27/Jul/2014 F/AM-166 (Sommet de Caire Brun)
27/Jul/2014 F/AM-180 (Le Jas du Chamois)
27/Jul/2014 F/AM-704 (Cime de Voga
31/Jul/2014 F/AM-284 (Dormillouse)
05/Aug/2014 F/AM-229 (La Cucumelle)
05/Aug/2014 F/AM-241 (Roche Gauthier)
08/Aug/2014 F/AM-124 (L’Aupillon)
08/Aug/2014 F/AM-181 (Pic Silhourais)
10/Aug/2014 F/AM-249 (Sommet de l’Eychauda)
10/Aug/2014 F/AM-273 (Sommet du Prorel)
10/Aug/2014 F/AM-278 (Crête du Rocher Blanc)
10/Aug/2014 F/AM-723 (Serre Chevalier)
10/Aug/2014 F/AM-724 (Le Rocher Blanc)
10/Aug/2014 F/AM-731 (La Croix de la Nore)
10/Aug/2014 F/AM-733 (Notre Dame des Neiges)

Heard you next year in F/AM XXX and I which before on other SOTA… But WHEN ???
73’s Tof F5UBH

In reply to EC2AG:

Hello Antonio,

Thanks for the summits. I look forward to your next holiday 8)

Best wishes

In reply to G6TUH:

In November will be the following, and I hope to continue to have in my log.


In reply to EC2AG:
Very well done, Antonio. Congrats for so many successful activations.
I could only chase you in one of them. Well, that’s better than nothing.
I’ll keep trying.
Keep on activating.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

In reply to F5UBH:
Congrats to you too, Tof, for such great work.
As it happened to me with Antonio, unfortunately, I could only chase you in one of those many summits.
I’ll keep trying.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

In reply to EA2IF:
Hi Guru,
Maybe next year more QSO with you…
Good chase…
Heard you soon !