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Holiday in the Dolomites

We had a nice holiday in the Dolomites in Italie.

I activated 4 Italian Summits.
I/TN-342 “Monte Roen” was rather heavy: Start at 1340 mtr, 4 hours to top at 2116 mtr, 1 hour QRV, then 3 hours down. The route from hotel to the start was 70 minutes with numerous passes and hairpins. From 1800 – 2000 mtr there was 20 cm of snow, on top nearly nearly no snow.
The rest of the Summits were to difficult ,especially in this time of the year when all lifts are out of order.

On route I visited OE7PHI and his lovely xyl in Kufstein, I activated the summit “behind the house”(OE/TI-675), and had a nice lunch. Thanks !!!
During the trip to/from the hotelin Italie I also activated 4 Summits in DM, 1 in DL.

28/Apr/2012 DM/HE-546 (Mensfelder Höhe)
28/Apr/2012 DM/BM-353 (Hofberg) – DLFF-036 – NEW ONE
29/Apr/2012 OE/TI-675 (Thierberg)- together with OE7PHI
30/Apr/2012 I/TN-338 (Monte Brione) - NEW ONE - IFF-401
02/May/2012 I/AA-340 (Monte Lira)
02/May/2012 I/TN-319 (Monte Penegal) – NEW ONE
04/May/2012 I/TN-342 (Monte Roen)
06/May/2012 DL/AL-282 (Steig) – NEW ONE
07/May/2012 DM/NW-001 (Löwenburg) – DLFF-112
07/May/2012 DM/NW-003 (Ölberg) – DLFF-112

You can see the pictures at my site with SOTA, WFF, RDF, COTA, GPS and other ham-stuff.



73 de Hans PA3FYG