Holiday in Bad Gastein

Hello folks
I’m going to Austria and Bad Gastein for a one week holiday with my son the first week in July. I will bring my radio and antennas with me and hopefully activate some mountain in the region. I assume I’m not the first one to stay here and do activation. Please advice me what is feasible to activate. (I’m not planning on renting a car). I remember from my first trip we walked up to Sport Gastein and saw some nice trails up on surrounding mountains but as we came too late we didn’t continue our hike up.
Also if there are any Flora Fauna area that could be activated?

I’m all ears for some nice hiking and activations.

73 de Jaan


Hello Jaan!

I can recommend 2 summits I activated while on vacation in Bad Gastein years ago. Both can be reached from the town itself.
Zitterauer Tisch OE/SB-059 is an easy ridge walk from the upper station of Stubnerkogelbahn (the gondola ride starts right next to Bad Gastein railway station).
A slightly more challenging is Graukogel OE/SB-037. A chair lift can be used on the way to the summit, but from the upper station there’s still quite a walk to the top.
Each summit requires roughly half a day, if you use the lifts.

Another option is to take the bus 550 to Sportgastein in the morning. From there you could attempt OE/SB-026, OE/SB-389 and OE/SB-016. These were on my list, but I did not have enough time back then.

Prices and summer schedules of local cable cars are here Operating times | Ski Resort Bad Gastein

Enjoy your vacation!


Excellent! Thank you for the detailed description and advice. This gives me time to plan and figure out what possibilities I have once there.