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Holiday EC2AG&BEGO Report photographic


This is my little tour, activating during the holidays

01/Aug/2015 EA1/BU-079 (Pelada) EC2AG/P
02/Aug/2015 EA1/BU-061 (Bedon) EC2AG/P
03/Aug/2015 EA1/CT-052 (Fuente del Moro) EC2AG/P
04/Aug/2015 EA1/PL-007 (Valdecebollas) EC2AG/P
05/Aug/2015 EA1/BU-058 (Escaño) EC2AG/P
08/Aug/2015 EA1/LR-047 (Peñalrayo) EC2AG/P
09/Aug/2015 EA1/LR-001 (San Lorenzo) EC2AG/P
09/Aug/2015 EA1/LR-004 (Salineros) EC2AG/P
10/Aug/2015 EA2/BI-056 (Serantes) EC2AG/P
12/Aug/2015 EA2/BI-057 (Ereñozar) EC2AG/P
15/Aug/2015 EA1/BU-063 (Castrogrande) EC2AG/P
16/Aug/2015 EA2/BI-014 (Saibi) EC2AG/P

a photograph

Saludos ECAG


Thanks Antonio and Bego :wink:

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