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Highest Activator points in a calander year?

Hi all. Just wonder how many activation points you have achieved in a year? Sort of a SOTA challenge if you like. Looking forward to Activating plenty of ZL1 soon and will be working hard to achieve 100 in a year I think. I’m not fit by any stretch but this is a good way to loose a few pounds :slight_smile: I hope to work many of you on the air. de ZL2AJ

Hi Warren.
The SOTA database can be used to look up the activation points for a calendar year. Start here:
http://www.sotadata.org.uk/activatorresults.aspx choose your association and year, or All Associations. OK2PDT has activated 703 summits so far this year. That is serious SOTA addiction!
Looking forward to hearing those ZL activations - I’ll certainly be looking for you. Hope to activate in ZL myself too…
Gerard - VK2IO