High Noon on 80m

Today I had the third successful Sota activation on the 80m band in SSB. I did not think that I would be heard at lunchtime and with only 7 watts.
Within Germany, the rapports were between 55 and 59, outside often only 33. Here is an overview:
Date – qrv – -- DL – other – ODX
28/11 - 30min - 12 - 1 - 925km (SP6BBE)
01/12 - 05min - 02 - 2 - 750km (G0VWP)
08/12 - 09min - 06 - 3 - 540km (HB9DHA)
My antenna is - as always - a HiEndFed with Balun 1:64. For the 80m band it is 40m long and works without tuner on the bands 80, 40m and 20m.
I would like to encourage all activators to also try the 80m band. Maybe it works with a S2S on 80m
73 Chris

Chris… I added 60m to my operating bands this last Spring. Just last weekend I operated on 80m tuning my 60m Dipole using the KX3 tuner and made my first QSO’s on 80M while on SOTA… I was only on the band for 10mins and made 3 QSOs… two CW and an SSB (if I remember correctly)… Big antenna though… :slight_smile:

Richard // N2GBR

Good work Chris on 80m
I have a regular crew of chasers on 80m now days who I used to talk to on 40m but it is no longer reliable any more over the shorter distance on 40m. First thing I do at set up is add the 80m extensions to my 20/40 dipole talk to the "locals"on 80 then go to the other bands. It has saved me a few times during my 2017 season of activating to have those few extra in the log to qualify if the other bands are not working so well.
Ian vk5cz …

Hi Chris,
My SOTABeams band hopper is the 80/40/30/20m version although I usually have the 80m section removed, either to replace it with my home made 60m section or simply to have a shorter (40m and up) antenna.

Given the appauling conditions on 20m and up at the moment, I may try out 80m as you suggest but I’ll need to chose a summit where there is enough space for the antenna! Not a wooded summit for example.

I may get out around the Christmas holidays when my brother Jim, G8DCD is over and I’ll see if I can find a local summit that both has great views for his photographic hobby and enough room for the 80m antenna.

73 Ed.

Now inter G is poorer on 40m of late tend to catch lot more Sotas on 80m from around UK un less your in scotland not often hear the Scots from way down here in the SW of the UK.

Certainly give 80m a go where ever you are;


I do my very best! Tnx in advance for your support.

73 Chris

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