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High intensity SOTA from DL/MM0DHY


MM0DHY had a very successful week in the Baden Wuerttemberg region. 210 points in 7 days, is that a record?

Well done


07/Sep/2016 DM/BW-002 (Herzogenhorn)
07/Sep/2016 DM/BW-284 (Schnepfhalde)
07/Sep/2016 DM/BW-849 (Wagnersberg)
08/Sep/2016 DM/BW-001 (Feldberg)
08/Sep/2016 DM/BW-014 (Weisstannenhöhe)
08/Sep/2016 DM/BW-015 (Hochfirst)
09/Sep/2016 DM/BW-003 (Belchen)
09/Sep/2016 DM/BW-639 (Hochgescheid)
09/Sep/2016 DM/BW-640 (Blößling)
10/Sep/2016 DM/BW-010 (Köhlgarten)
10/Sep/2016 DM/BW-018 (Blauen)
10/Sep/2016 DM/BW-766 (Hohwildsberg)
11/Sep/2016 DM/BW-057 (Lupfen)
11/Sep/2016 DM/BW-156 (Lindenberg)
11/Sep/2016 DM/BW-193 (Schächer)
11/Sep/2016 DM/BW-195 (Zundelberg)
11/Sep/2016 DM/BW-228 (Hummelsberg)
12/Sep/2016 DM/BW-233 (Buchberg)
12/Sep/2016 DM/BW-235 (Hoher Randen)
13/Sep/2016 DM/BW-055 (Hohe Möhr)
13/Sep/2016 DM/BW-293 (Zeller Blauen)

I did 268 in 8 days - back in the “good old days” hi.
I`m sure quite a few people can top that.
Great effort Colwyn.

Date Summit ref c/s QSO`s Points
25-Jun-08 DM/BW-062 (Rossbühl) DL/G1INK/P 10 10
25-Jun-08 DM/BW-028 (Hundsrücken) DL/G1INK/P 49 10
26-Jun-08 DM/BW-237 (Oberhohenberg) DL/G1INK/P 37 10
26-Jun-08 DM/BW-045 (Bol) DL/G1INK/P 24 10
27-Jun-08 DM/BW-147 (Gespaltener Fels) DL/G1INK/P 21 10
27-Jun-08 DM/BW-228 (Hummelsberg) DL/G1INK/P 44 10
27-Jun-08 DM/BW-048 (Hoher Fels) DL/G1INK/P 6 10
27-Jun-08 DM/BW-061 (Lochenstein) DL/G1INK/P 7 10
27-Jun-08 DM/BW-152 (Steinenberg) DL/G1INK/P 25 10
28-Jun-08 DM/BW-192 (Kohlberg) DL/G1INK/P 31 10
28-Jun-08 DM/BW-157 (Osterberg) DL/G1INK/P 15 10
28-Jun-08 DM/BW-185 (Himmelberg) DL/G1INK/P 14 10
29-Jun-08 DM/BW-450 (Tanzbühl) DL/G1INK/P 39 10
29-Jun-08 DM/BW-449 (Gifiz) DL/G1INK/P 30 8
29-Jun-08 DM/BW-156 (Lindenberg) DL/G1INK/P 31 10
30-Jun-08 DM/BW-153 (Galgenberg) DL/G1INK/P 14 10
30-Jun-08 DM/BW-244 (Wachtbühl) DL/G1INK/P 16 10
30-Jun-08 DM/BW-191 (Königswang) DL/G1INK/P 30 10
30-Jun-08 DM/BW-154 (Alter Berg) DL/G1INK/P 48 10
01-Jul-08 DM/BW-148 (Gräbelesberg) DL/G1INK/P 47 10
01-Jul-08 DM/BW-068 (Heimberg) DL/G1INK/P 30 10
01-Jul-08 DM/BW-189 (Schildhalde) DL/G1INK/P 30 10
01-Jul-08 DM/BW-247 (Baienberg) DL/G1INK/P 32 10
01-Jul-08 DM/BW-197 (Fuchsloch) DL/G1INK/P 36 10
02-Jul-08 DM/HE-003 (Großer Feldberg) DL/G1INK/P 9 10
02-Jul-08 DM/BW-384 (Teufelsmühle) DL/G1INK/P 18 10
02-Jul-08 DM/BW-492 (Grenzertkopf) DL/G1INK/P 23 10

Next challenge: try to do that many 10-pointers in DL-land in 7 days. If you manage that, I’ll buy you 1K beers, no joke. No helicopters or other airborne ascents, though: you’ve gotta stomp these! :wink:

There’s a thought - this could be the new SOTA Challenge: The Thousand Beer Challenge! (or for those living south of Luton in the UK, the thousand shandy challenge…)



OOH! Fighting talk!


Rob I think you will find that The North (or The South) starts at Watford Gap. But thankfully we have plenty of real smaller breweries down here that do not need one to add lemonade or lime to their brews… and I wouldn’t wash my car with “lager”!

By the way, I have always been bemused by the “Krefelder” when near Düsseldorf. Half Altbier and half Coke… Hmm.

73 Marc G0AZS


There is no need for talk like that!


I don’t know about DL, but you would have to be wearing your underpants over your trousers to do that in GM!


Well we had it tough…shoebox…road…tongues…freezing cold gravel…mill…fourpence…bread knife…all for two points.

Blimey… good effort!



210 in 7 days is only 30 a day. I think Adrian is going a bit soft as he ages…


I’d give that habit up… bad for your health (well, more my chances of catching him up I suppose).

Now that sounds awful…

Actually, just noted this little marathon took Adrian past “double Goat”… further congratulations!

Awful? I’ll tell you about real awful - when I was young the only beer you could get in my local pubs was Double Diamond. Under peer pressure you had to sink it and look as if you were enjoying it! Its banned now, of course, classed as cruel and unusual punishment, though I think they give it to the inmates at Gitmo…

Sorry, got carried away! Anyway, congratulations to Adrian on his double goat.


“Weiser Pils” always brought a smile :cry:

Sorry - Brit joke!

Superb performance Adrian. I only managed to accrue 106 points on my current OK/SP 7 day tour which is now at an end. We are now reunited with members of our walking club and are waiting for the slightly delayed flight back to Leeds.

Congratulations on a most productive trip to the DM/BW area!

73 Phil

You wont be interested in buying a retro/nostalgia T-shirt based on a Double Diamond beer mat then?

I don’t recall Double Diamond in the pubs, I was too young but I do remember it being pushed on the telly along with many other beers which have since died a death.

Here’s a blast from the past for you… Long Life specially brewed for canning. And the long since vanished (or should that be banished) Watneys Party Seven. ( 7 pints of beer in one can or 3.9725L in new money).

Ah, they don’t make nostalgia like they used to.

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No, but if you have one of those badges that said “DD is K9P” I might be interested!


Bit off topic perhaps!