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Hi from M0HAJ

Hi everyone,
at last I am almost ready to make my first activation later in May. Got interested in ham radio in the late 50’'s which led me to a career as an electronic design engineer. My licence was going to be taken “tomorrow” but life etc always seemed to get in the way. Four years ago I made it, but to my shame I still have not mastered cw.
Rock climbing has always been a lifelong activity but as my neck has receded I am now happy to sit on the tops and admire the view. Other activities I indulge in which also have a potential “radio” aspect are sea kayaking but later ----------.
Look forward to working some of you on FM 145 initially before I risk my KX3, hi hi.
Here’s looking forward to making all the mistakes newbies make, be gentle with me, lol.
73 de M0HAJ


Welcome George hope you enjoy SOTA and don’t worry about the KX3 it will handle it OK, mine has done lots of activating over the last 4 years.
Cheers from The Clare Valley
Ian vk5cz …

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Hi, George.

Welcome to the tribe! :slight_smile:

By the way, I just purchased a nice protection for my KX3 at Gems, and I am going to check its fitting when I am back home. It looks like a nice protection, although I used to carry my KX3 in a bag wrapped extra with bubble plastic wraps. Now it deserves a real nice cover. :smiley:

Good luck!

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Hi George
Just simply enjoy.
Cheers Ken

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Hi George,

Another one who got addicted! Be careful! When you start out with SOTA you soon need more of it.
Dont worry about the KX3. Put it in a small ligthweight plasticbox for transportation and it will be fine.

Looking forward to hearing you on the bands


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Thanks Konrad, I will look that up for the KX3, in the meantime I will be starting with a FT-270 as I have a waterproof speaker/mike from my marine Standard Horizon set which fits the FT. Good luck with the cw.

Welcome aboard, George, it sounds as though you are going to enjoy SOTA!

Best wishes, and I hope to work you before too long.


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Looking forward to see where the combination of the enjoyment of high places and operating radio takes you George. Maybe even manage to work you from the home QTH when you take the KX3 out up the hills or summit to summit sometime.

If you get to sitting out in the horizontal sleet as many of us are apt to do, then you may wish to invest in a bit more protection for the rig. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing (for the rig), Hi. :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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There are a set of GM/SI-xxx summits which are just calling out for you to activate. No doubt MM0FMF will point you in the desired direction :wink:

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North-north-west I think!

Plenty of rope dangling summits up here. Not for me though, I’m a big girl’s blouse.

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Many of us stateside KX3 owners use the endplates and lexan cover made by Scott AK6Q which when coupled with a KX3 and in my case a lense case has allowed my KX3 to roam the rough and rugged western states with impunity. Check out …

As to CW that is somewhat akin to the merits of Rome versus Canterbury. Phone works just fine!


Just to improve on Andy’s suggestions - you will need both ropes & sea kayak for (all unactivated so far):


Be prepared for the biggest pile-up you have ever experienced on any of these!!

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Thanks Paul, It looks very neat - I have requested a shipping quote as that can be a problem.
73 de M0HAJ

Apologies for delay in replying, I have been away.
I didn’t realise there would be any un-activated summits left? I’m with you Andy, more of the big girls blouse these days especially with Scottish mountains, some routes require advanced gardening skills,ha ha.
But I am intrigued.
Thanks also Barry for the list - If I get up that way it would make a nice expedition, I guess I could rope in some of my climbing clubs active members if there is any real climbing required. But first I need to learn to walk as I have done very little operating since taking all the exams in one + two sittings.
Thanks everyone for the welcome to SOTA…

Hi George,

In the words of SK “Welcome to our happy little family”… I found a camera case that fits my KX3 perfectly. You might be able to to find something like it. Take care out there and welcome aboard!

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