Hi all

hi all,
and thanks for the calls at my last sota activations.after a break of 4-5 years in hamradio due to other activities and the work i have time now again to play with the radio.but i have no shack at home,i´m only qrv portable and qrp cw only.
but qrp works fine for me and the accus are much more smaller ;-). i will activate a few more summits this year but most time at weekdays.most weekends i have to work and also at two weeks in a month i have limited time due to my work.but 2 weeks i´m off from work :slight_smile: the first 5 activations are fine ones and i had a lot of fun. 436 qso´s on 5 summits,wow…and so much well known chasers,very very nice.thanks a lot all.
in moment 30m is my favourite band with nice sigs all over europe.also make some nice dx contacts on 20 and 17m.
in future i will go out sometimes with a qrpp rig abt. 500mw-1watt,but then i will post that with a qrpp note in the alert.
most times i´m out with 5-10watts and dipoles,sloopers and loops etc. i like it to play with antennas :slight_smile:
and for the bad keying sometimes…i´m 5 years without key practise.but it becomes better again.rx is no problem and sometimes after 60 or more minutes of keying with these ice-fingers in the cold…they won´t work as they should.
in winter time i will use the “contest”-style next time like 599 tu :wink: that saves time on a cold summit…
for all who want send qsl cards…there is no need in moment.after this long break i havent cards yet. also i´m not in a club.maybe in next future again.
maybe e-qsl ? or wait a while …not sure in moment.
here a few links with a photo of my actual rig and antennas




so thanks all who called in and the nice s2s contacts ,
hope to work you again ,
and its nice to be back in sota :slight_smile:

greetings , Klaus DF2GN/P

ahhh, sri for my english , hope its ok :wink:

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Hallo Klaus,

Very pleased to work you from 4 summits recently! I’m not sure if you were running 0.5W at the time of our QSO on 18 MHz from DM/BW-042 but I recall you always had a good signal here from each of your summits.

Thanks for being QRV on the higher bands! We only wish more of the guys who work only 40m would give 20m or higher a try after about 1130z when the bands begin to open here.

73, Bill W4ZV

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Hi Klaus,

The first time I saw you spotted, I just had to stop work and give you a call. You were my first “chase” on HF, back in April 2006. Really pleased to hear you back on the summits, your QRP putting good signals into my QTH.

All the best for further SOTA activations.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Thanks for the S2S yesterday Klaus, you were a good signal. Nice to hear you back on the air again.
Roger MW0IDX

Hi Klaus,

Welcome back, am looking forward to working you again.



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Hi Klaus,
Thanks for our first QSO. Your signals were very strong on 30M with your 5W. Looking at your photos, I am impressed with how high you managed to get your antenna in the trees. It was certainly working very well for you.

Welcome back to SOTA. I look forward to further activations from you.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Hi Klaus, nice to work you, your signals were very strong with me and easy to work.
Good luck and hope cuagn

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Hi Klaus,
welcome back in Sota, it’s impressive you can deal with Sota pile-ups after 5 years stopped! Congratulations.

I heard you in a couple of summits and your signals were quite loud, either in 7, 10 or 14 MHz. Maybe your big Doublet is causing this booming signal.
Can I ask you a couple of things? How do you handle to put the antenna up that high in a tree, do you use any tool?

Your homebrew rig looks great, what kit is that?

Thanks a lot Klaus and let me tell your pictures are great too.

CU soon VY 73
Ignacio EA2BD

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Hi Klaus,

DF2GN/P ? Ich dachte ich höre nicht recht…
Schön Dich wieder auf dem Band zu treffen.
Alles Gute und bis bald!
Vy73 Fritz HB9CSA/DL4FDM

In reply to HB9CSA: ging mir genau so, als ich Klaus das erste mal wieder im Spot erblickte. Freut auch mich, Dich wieder zu hören auch wenn ich heute den selben Hügel aktivierte wie Du vor zwei Tagen.
73 Peter and cu…

Hi all , thanks :slight_smile:

@ Bill, at the time of our qso i was with 5wtts. i only go qrpp on 30m if there good conds.

@ Ignacio, i can´t explain you how i get the wire up there in english language,hi.i will try :slight_smile: I´m also in treeclimbing / treeworking and there we use this here
the weight is abt. 250-400gr with a small nylon rope at it.with a good learned technic you can shot it 15-20m up without a problem and most times it goes over the right place in the tree. maybe i made a short video from that next time.

Peter, aha, warst du heute auch auf´m Hummelsberg. Habe zwar Fotos gemacht,aber es war so nebelig…nix zu sehen. Und ziemlich kalt wars,die Bedingungen warenb sehr schlecht auf den höheren Bändern.Aber ich denke heute konnte man es dort gut aushalten.Vileleicht haste meine Spuren ja noch gefunden.Ich glaube ich war der einzigste Richtung höher,von den Spuren her.
Grüss dich auch Fritz…:slight_smile:

Cu agn o the summits … vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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my kit is from here :


and here is a video from the bcr

but mine is a bit different. i modified the if filter with other xtals to change the bandwith from 500-3000hz to small 200-700hz without possible now to listen to ssb and am-radio. i only need it as a cw radio :slight_smile:

vy 73 Klaus

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Hallo Klaus,

tnx fer info, alles gutte; good to have better bandwidth in your fine kit, and good technique for deploying the antenna… Your english is quite good too !! ;o)

Hpe to wrk u many more times, vielen danke und grüss VY 73

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Ja, ich war auf dem Hummelsberg und auf dem Lemberg. Photos auf Flickr, SOTA-Link benutzen. Beide waren gut erreichbar und gespurt.
73 und bis bald wieder