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HF activation - voice versus CW versus digital mod



I have a new radio on the way (should be arriving in the next 2-3 days).

I hope to activate on HF voice mostly.

What is the breakdown of HF activity, voice to CW to digital modes?

Just curious.


EDIT: this wasn’t supposed to be a CW versus voice, or whatever post. Just curious of the possibilities of HF contacts.


In reply to EI8FDB:
Its currently running at approximately two CW activations for every phone activation, Bernard, but that is all bands and the ratio is probably higher for HF.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:
CW ,phone, digital ?
Activation is the best…

73 Alain F6ENO


In reply to F6ENO:
I’m planning a series of SSTV activations just for the hell of it, Alain, but any mode in an activation is a good one as long as you can qualify the summit!


Brian G8ADD

PS I echo Bernard, its not a CW versus Phone post, just an observation…I’ve been trying to get going on CW for 46 years and haven’t got there yet!


Hi Alain/Brian,

Alain, I guess of course, you’re right, but if I am calling and no-one replies, thats not an activation is it?!

Brian, yes I am trying to get my hears onto CW. I have started with the Koch method, which I read is the best way to try.

Lets see what happens,



In reply to EI8FDB:

Hi Bernard,

CW on QRP is probably the most efficient mode on HF. For phone we have quite many languages here in EU in addition to the international English, Germans and different Latin languages. I think there is not much activity on digital CW (PSK, MFSK etc), so there is still some work to do on that field to be fully SOTA QRV.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL