Here you are my new MTR3b LCD

Yesterday I recieved the new Mountain Topper with LCD, It has all I want, 40-30-20m, three memories, low current drain (15mA rx, 700mA TX 5w).

I hope make a lot of sotas and mountain activities


Very nice! I’m envious. Last summer, the MTR3b was going to be my next radio, but I found a used YouKits HB-1B that was too good a deal to pass up. I hope that you get tons of enjoyment using it!
Peter KD0YOB

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I picked up the non-LCD version about 9 months ago, just before they released the LCD model. I swapped out the RCA jack for a BNC, added a DK3IT SWR meter inside, and picked up a Palm Pico just before they went out of business. It’s an awesome little rig. You will really enjoy it.

I am surprised nobody makes a trapped 20/30/40m EFHW antenna, but I guess they’re easy enough to construct yourself. The MTR3b with that antenna is the perfect SOTA HF rig if there ever was one.

Congrats on the new radio. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.



“nobody makes a trapped 20/30/40m EFHW antenna” ?

I use this one with good success, very happy with it:

Mark, HB9DBM


I am thinking about make a 20-30-40 trapped ENDFED like this.

But the link of the built antenna that list before this reply is more interesting, tnx

I have a 40/30/20 trapped EFHW too. I’ve used it mainly from France, Czech Republic and Poland. It’s coming with me to Friedrichshafen this year.

I found an HB-1A and that also was too good a deal to pass up. It certainly makes a change from carrying and operating an FT-817. The break-in keying blew my fuse the first time I used it! :grinning:

73, Gerald

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Hi Adam
LNR make and sell a trapped 40/30/20 antenna.
I have one and it works well. I have the MTR4B, but I like this LCD version of the MTR3B too.
73, Chris VK1CT

That is in fact a linked EFHW :wink:
Link opened for 30m and link closed for 40/20m.

Today on the Beach. I´m glad with the rig. No volume control needs and runs perfect.
TNX for the trapped endfed from the Chzek Republic web, I will get one.


Indeed… Not quite just trapped. The traps are nice because they also shorten the antenna. Mine is just a bit over 40 ft and has traps for 30m and 40m. Makes band changes a breeze :slight_smile:

That antenna that was posted looks great too - nearly identical to the one I built. Very nice! I had never seen that one before.


I’m making one too. Have tuned the traps, next to find time to connect and adjust the antenna wires. Using sotabeams pico traps.

Cz trapped antenna is actually out of stock.
Anyway, for a rig with 40-30-20, make a linked ENDFED with full lenght 20.35m for 40/20 and a link (14.23m) for 30m is quite easy to build.

Yep, the good boys (and girls) who learn their CW get the coolest toys.

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I use a 66 foot wire with an EFHW tuner to get 40 and 20 meters. Then, for 30 meters, I add a variable capacitor in front of the EFWH tuner. When it is set to about 16 pfd, I get a good match on 30. I suppose a fixed capacitor would work just as well.

Jim ND6P

I use a 40-30-20 link dipole - resonant on all three bands with the appropriate link - weighs 146 grams


The links are Powerpole connectors

Ariel NY4G

ENDFED trapped 20-30-40 Czech Republic

I just buyed It. Past month was outstock. I am crazy to test it.

Thanks for your post, I just purchased an MTR3B LCD yesterday and am cruising the reflector for others with them as I cogitate my next moves. TNX!

I used mine recently on a summit in Tennesee - Big Bald

I used an end fed link dipole that I built for 20-30-40m bands

Ariel NY4G

a spanish tutorial to use the rig.