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Just wanted to upload 63 QSO from the first activation of R9U/CE-067. I went to menu, chose ADIF upload and tried to apload ADIF file made by N1MM+ logger. It did not happen. The robot wants the ID of the summit but I do not know how to add it. Can somebody please advise?

73, Igor UA9CDC

Hi Igor.

I suggest you try ADIF Master.

Load in your ADIF and right-button-click on the table to get “Insert Column” on the menu. This will give you a blank column. Left-click the header cell to get the menu for column types. Under “All tags…” you will find what you need - MY_SORA_REF. Then you can copy and paste your ref into all the blank cells. Save it out and that should be about all you need to make it valid for upload.

Thanks, will try that. It could have been simplier if I fill in the form for columns common for all the entries and the robot would add summit infor to standard ADIF.

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Now it says “Incorrect summiot format” I put there “R9U/CE-067”
If it is incorrect, then what is the correct format?

Ok found the error. Finally the log is uploaded. Thank you for your help.

There are some useful tools on the page run by Christophe ON6ZQ at

I used the CSV to ADIF tool to generate an example activator ADIF below

ADIF file
created by SOTA2ADIF ( on 2020/08/23 20:08:41 UTC


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Thank you. Good hint.

Not sure what platforms you are using, but I highly recommend @G0LGS “SOTA CSV Editor” for PC SOTA logging and all things CSV, and I also highly recommend @VK3ZPF “VK port-a-log” for Android. VK port-a-log does a great job not only at logging (captures grid, time, and transfers S2S very easily), and it is also pretty good at spotting (provided you have cell service). Since I switched to VK port-a-log, I can generally have my SOTA uploaded to the database during the hike back from the last summit of the day :smile: For all other logging outside SOTA I use N1MM though…

Thank you. Will check it. I am currently using Win10 and N1MM+ for everything.

73, Igor UA9CDC

hi igor,

you should have a look at “FAST LOG ENTRY” also …

73 martin, oe5reo

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If all else fails Igor I recommend Saisie SOTA by Alain F6ENO for creating a fast log entry for submission in either ADIF or CSV format. (Free software download if you do Google search).

Find the program you like best and use that. I’ve used Saisie for about 10 years now for activations.

Another program is ADI2SOTA by F6ENO for converting an ADIF log to CSV, although the ADIF entry must already contain the summit reference for the conversion to work.

Great to see such a FB CW operator coming into SOTA from the Russian Ural region Igor. Good signals from you over the weekend on 20m.

73 Phil G4OBK

I use Log4OM(2) Windows - It generates the files nicely and has a quick entry mode for getting from a paper log to an electronic one. It is relatively easy to add the fields needed when activating (My Sota ref) . I found it a steep learning curve at first but the notes/manual are good. The Cluster part makes chasing much easier not only tuning the radio but filling most of the log in too. If I create a log on the phone it imports nicely into the software. And its free!

73 Paul G4IPB

Since we started to talk about different loggers, I am looking for some Android compatible and lighter then N1MM+ that I use now. Still the requirement is CAT support, PTT and CW generating and cluster support. Does something like that exists at all?

73, Igor UA9CDC

Are you bringing your laptop to the summit of a SOTA?

I do. Dell XPS13, 1kg. battery lasts up to 8 hours.

Thank you Phil. Urals is the only region in Russia for SOTA so far. I plan to carry on as long as weather permits.

73, Igor UA9CDC

Now I ran into another problem. The activaton of R9U/CE-043 had been done using two computers.
Although ADIF MAster allow merging two logs it does not do it in chronological order. While trying to upload such a file I get “mistake” notification.
I have tried to upload one file first (success) and then the second file (faled). The robot says that all the contacts in the second file are dupes notwithstanding that all the QSOs logged on different band and at different time.
Can I get the instructions what to do un such a situation. I just cannot upload more then 100 QSO and some of them S2S. Please help.

73, Igor UA9CDC

I have solved the problem by deleting the initial upload. Then I had to split the first file into two and then inserted the second file. A bit awkward method but I could not find easier approach with ADIF master.

73, Igor UA9CDC

You can re-order rows in ADIFMaster. Select a cell and right-button-click will allow to move a row up/down.

Be aware also of the “Manage Uploads” facility which will let you completely remove everything from an upload, including S2S, in one go.

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