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Help with self-spotting, please

I have been using the address ‘www(dot)sota(dot)org(dot)uk(slash)Spotlite(slash)displaySpot’ on both my payg mobiles for some time. One, on Vodafone, with keys, works OK still (except that on GW/NW-044 this afternoon I was on the wrong side of the summit for signals and the battery was low). The other, a touchscreen mobile on T-mobile, keeps reverting to old spots when I change the contents of other boxes. In some desperation today I spotted with what IT wanted to spot (albeit with the correct frequency) and, very kindly, a chaser corrected the spot for me.

Is there a more modern address to use for self-spotting, please?

Seasons Greetings to all from Dave & Janis

In reply to M0DFA:

Dave, I’ve only just spotted this.

There are a few other remote spotting systems available in addition to using the mobile internet.

  1. SpotSMS by Zsolt HG4UK. You send an SMS to a Hungarian number and your spot appears on SOTAWATCH. Access control is by using your SOTAWATCH password.

See http://gyalogradio.ham.hu/spotsms/howto-en.html

  1. SMSbot(SMSbotNA) (I wrote them). You send an SMS to a UK(USA) number and the spot appears on SOTAWATCH. Access control is by pre-registration. Mail me (mm0fmf_sota AT intermoose.com) if you want access.

See http://www.intermoose.com/SMSBOT-usage.txt

  1. APRS. If you have APRS capabilities you can send spots and alerts over APRS. Stewart G0LGS runs a server, I’m sure there are others. Mail Stewart for the details.

The advantages of using SMS over mobile internet are based on observations made by many people. There are many summits where you can get a mobile signal but not be able to get a mobile internet connection to work. However, sending and receiving an SMS tends to nearly always work if you can get a signal.

Pick whichever takes your fancy. They all do exactly the same thing.


The following Topics cover discussions on using APRS for SOTA spots.




Including some information on my APRS2SOTA spotting facility.

The link below has more detailed information on my service.


Stewart G0LGS

In reply to MM0FMF:
Thank you. email on way. Have a very pleasant Christmas and New Year.

Regards, Dave, G6DTN