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Help with handling "dog-piles"

Here at the DD5LP/P station we have been trying to find a better way to handle the pile-ups or “Dog-Piles” as the americans call them (sounds more like an illness to me, but never mind).

We have scoured the world for a better way and today during my activation of DL/AM-176 Rentschen, I managed to enlist the help of a world specialist. Recently arrived from Rumania where she was teaching advanced radio, B 0 N N Y, that’s B zero N N Y was able to show me the routines required to better process all the calls - here is a picture of her giving her invaluable advise:

She said some of the audio from the stations was a little RUFF and several chasers were BARKING up the WRONG TREE.

But she still believes she can LEAD me the correct way to better operating.

73 Ed & Bonnie (on her first SOTA activation).


That takes the (dog) biscuit!!!


Dear B0nny,

I have trouble with dog pileups on my nature strip. What should I do?

73 Ron

When I have to deal with dog piles, I just use a big shovel.

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