Help - Skiddaw

Where were you all when I called out from Skiddaw? I only worked a few local stations. The wind was horrendous, the shelters were useless, it was pouring with rain and I was freezing cold. I worked about 7 chasers but did not do a log therefore I need to construct my log (or you won’t get a little asterisk (hihi)). I worked the following chasers :-
A chaser in Barnoldswick
A chaser in Scotland
A chaser in Keswick
2 mobile chasers

If you contacted me on Skiddaw on 17th March please contact me.
73 de Charlie G0PZO e-mail

In reply to G0PZO:

Lots of us were listening for you Charlie, but I for one never heard you at all from Skiddaw.

Regards, Mike G4BLH

In reply to G0PZO:

Re: G/LD-002
Hi Charlie
I heard you very briefly on s20 then again very briefly 0n 145.300, and called and gave you a very very weak 3/1 at best, I heard you give 5/4 but wasn’t sure you were replying to me, probably wasn’t, so I haven’t entered it in the log or database.
Spent another 10 mins listening for you along with Mike G4BLH, but never heard you again. Cheers and thanks for LD-008.

73 Mike GW0DSP