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HELP needed

Want to change my current USER NAME (Paulo) to OE8SPW.
Couldn’t manage it so far.
But there is a second account with the USER NAME OE8SPW. No qsos!!
How to transfer them from “Paulo” to “OE8SPW”?

73, OE8SPW (Paul)

In reply to OE8XBH:
Hi Paul
Your chaser points are showing on the database OK under your callsign.
Is Paulo your user name on SOTAWatch2 or on the Database?
My database entries appear here if I use my callsign as user login but my username on the database is rsleighton.
Perhaps you should e-mail the MT via http://www.sota.org.uk/Contact for further help.

Roger G4OWG


If you really need to you can save a copy of all your logged QSO’s from the Database (at the bottom of the View Results/ My Chaser Log) which gives you a CSV file, this can then be uploaded on the other account (Submit Log/ Import Chaser TSV/CSV).

But the MT might have a better or easier solution.