HELP! Looking for components TRS Pins Plugs

This is a bit of a longshot! I am trying to build an FT8 sound adapter for the (tr)uSDX I have had the PCBs, made but need two of these.

They can be found here

The big problem is there seems to be a world wide shortage of them! If anyone has any, could I buy a couple from you?

On a side note I ordered 5 PCBs and was sent 20! so if anyone needs one let me know. Details of the project can be found here OSH Park ~


Martin (UK based).

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It won’t be as neat but you could try a PCB mount socket (if it fits on the PCB), then a short male-male patch cable?


Will this one fit?

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That does look very close, it just seems to have a shoulder at the top. I went to order 2 but they want $18 shipping, no UK stock! Plus duties.

73 Martin

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Only £12 delivery with Mouser:

Octopart lists some other alternatives:

You could also see if CUI will send you a couple of samples?

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Thanks! That’s a bit better. I have ordered 4.

Hopefully I can join you and Tom soon on FT8… Watch this space.


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