Help choosing east access Scottish Summit - betwee

Were catching a ferry a week on Tuesday to Shetland and we have a limited amount of time to activate a summit in between Stirling and Aberdeen.

What Im looking for is somebodies knowledge of a summit that can be easily accessed by a short walk.

I would ideally like a 2pt or higher summit. Happy to use dirt tracks where appropriate.

Any thoughts or advice to point us in the right direction?

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I can’t be of much help to you with 2 pointers, but Brimmond Hill ES-086 looks to have easy and quick access and is near Aberdeen.

What bands are you planning to use? If vhf then you should get some calls from Aberdeen.

Most of the 2 pointers I’ve done in GM seem to have a less than trivial walk in when compared to some down south, Shining Tor for example.

Hopefully someone will pop up with a suggestion that fits better.



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thanks Ian,

Were planning HF but will will have 2m and 70cm to hand too. Im happy to go out of my way on transport so long as the ascent is short enough. :slight_smile:

Any more for any more???

Slightly off your direct route but GM/SS-198 East Lomond is about .75miles on easy track from the East car park (slghtly longer from west car park). It’s a
high one pointer. Good take off on VHF and plenty of space for HF.


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Other options:

ES-070 - shortish ascent
ES-080 - fall out of car and a breath of wind will get you there
ES-059 - tracked all the way, great views, probably a pictish hill fort (you may gather I quite liked this one!)

There are others, centre your search slightly inland from Aberdeen (say Banchory, Lat/Long 57.053, -2.498) and there are quite a lot of smallish hills within 25Km - use the find a summit facility on SOTAwatch


Barry GM4TOE

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Ben Clach GM/SS-149 is a short walk, but no obviopus path. Park on the B827 close to the 234m spot height and head for the summit. 300m of ascent.
Hill of Wirren GM/ES-045 has a good landrover track leading almost to the summit. Go in from the north.

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If you’re going up the A93 to Aberdeen you can bag Hill of Persie CS-116. There’s a big layby you can park in. Over the gate, up the hill by the edge of the forest. 35mins to the top.

Laybay is at NO137563 (ish)


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Hi Barry, how much of the track could be ridden legally on our motorcycles?

This looks just the ticket. :slight_smile:

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I have no idea about legality of access on a motorcycle but the track would be rideable to just below the summit with a short foot access to the top. I think the one, or was it two, gates are not locked and you will find there is a cabin, used by shooting parties, in the forest which had a vehicle parked outside it and that is not far from the summit ridge. There is a cricket square round about NO699904 which has vehicular access too.

The route I followed back would be impossible (I hate out and back routes) as it was nearly impossible on foot - via Little Kerloch, then cross country to the farm.


Barry GM4TOE