Hello i am new to this group

hello every one as of 23/june /2014 i have been chaseing did 3 summits hope to do more and meet other hams it was great to do a few summits on the air

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Yep its good fun. We are heading into summer now here in vk5 so my activating window will soon be closed due to heat and fire danger. We also have long brown things in the grass that can kill if they get a hold on you.
Best of luck with SOTA I have had 2 and a bit years now and I am on track to make mountain goat in 7 all going well. Not very high scoring summits in vk5 . 73 what ever your name is
Ian vk5cz …


one of my summits i got to meet dan na6mg and we went up tp johnstone peak i was the 1st to activate w6/ct176 with dan i had a great time up on the summit also was able to go with bob kb6cio on w6/ct-240

Always great to work you, Charles! 73 Hal N6JZT

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its always great to chase you too km6cem