Hello from NA6O... SOTA rocks!

I’m Gary, NA6O (ex- WB9JPS). I discovered SOTA a few years ago on a visit to Santa Fe where I met K1JD and KT5X. I’m mostly a contester, and 98% CW. Now that I’m retired, it’s much easier to catch you guys mid-day. My antennas are very limited, so most SOTA contacts are as challenging as rare DX, which is really fun. I am quite amazed at the remote and challenging locations many of you have activated. I’m not a big hiker, but the idea of activating a relatively easy location is tempting. Besides, it’s an excuse to try a QRP rig. 73 and CU on the bands.

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Thanks for your patience with the last few hectic activations, you have not gone unnoticed.

73 de NU7A/Bren

Hello Gary,
Just go do it! You’ll be amazed at how much you can hear in a quiet location.
Your CW and contesting skills will be a big help as well.
YOU will be the desired DX, complete with small pile-ups.
Standard caution: It’s addicting. More than Oreo cookies, I think.
Listening for you on the hills and from the shack.

Best, Ken, K6HPX