Hello from Maryland and K3PTC

Hi, my name is Patrick (K3PTC). Back to amateur radio after about a 5 or 6 year hiatus. Took a few years off to raise my teen daughters after my XYL passed. Last one is on her way to college this fall,. Hoping to find a lot of spare time for my favorite hobbies of hiking and ham radio. Just joined SOTA this weekend after taking delivery of my new KX2! CW is RUUUSTY…listen for me on SSB for awhile.

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Hello Patrick,

And welcome back! Don’t worry about the CW; good chasers are more than happy to compensate.
Listening for you on the luminiferous aether.

Best 73, Ken

Welcome Patrick,
I hope you joined us in W3 association… we need more active activators…
Richard // N2GBR

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Welcome! SOTA is the best part of ham radio, in my opinion.
Hope to work you S2S once you get back on CW.

Jeff - kb1kxl

Welcome to SOTA! I was living in Maryland (Odenton) when I started doing this. I think just about all of the 17 summits in MD have been activated, and I’ve done 12 of them myself (mostly under my old call of KB3VDR). Shenandoah is also nearby and has tons of great hiking and many easy to reach summits. I picked up an annual national parks pass while I was out there and I’m sure it paid for itself many times over. Hope to hear you S2S some day!

-Doug, ND9Q