Hello from California!

Hi everyone,
I am new to the reflector as well as to SOTA. I have been lurking on the various SOTA websites for years, just never took a radio up a hill with me. At this point I have learned CW (little shaky but I’m trying), bought a Weber MTR from LnR Precision, and my plan is to activate AT LEAST 5 summits by year’s end.

Some of you may have already seen the W6 map I created for personal use:


and it seems I have more than enough opportunities to reach my goal, if not exceed it. Looking forward to meeting some of you on the air!

-Michael Thompson KJ6DRG

Welcome to SOTA Michael. You are located in an area where there is a lot of SOTA activity to your south in the Transverse Range on an almost daily basis! And lots of Activators are learning CW while participating in SOTA…just do an Alert and the Chasers will match your CW speed!

Have you signed up for the NA SOTA reflector at Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos ?? Great bunch of folks discussing all things SOTA for North America! We all look forward to your first SOTA activation!

72, Guy/n7un

Welcome Michael.
That is a great map and so many SOTA hills in your area. Have fun.

Hi Michael

The MTR is a great rig, and it looks as though you have plenty of summits within range.

I think you will have difficulty limiting yourself to 5 summits in the year :o)

Welcome aboard,


Greetings and welcome.

Cornwall UK

Welcome Michael - don’t sell yourself short hoping for 5 activations by year end! If you’re like the rest of us it wont be long before you’re trying to plan for 5 in one day! Some hikes are a considerable excursion so give yourself the best chance of making the minimal 4 contacts by double checking your equipment before you leave, post an alert before your trip to let everyone know your planned summit and time, self-spot when you’re QRV if you can! Be warned there are no SOTA addiction resources available - enjoy and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

73 Rick WB0USI

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