Hello de KX9X (+ W1/HA-012)

Greetings, everybody-

Sean KX9X here. I’ve been a QRP’er for a while, but only recently discovered SOTA. This seems like a perfect match.

To celebrate, I will be going on my first SOTA operation this Saturday, 9 Oct 2010, to W1/HA-012, Mount Cardigan in New Hampshire, US. According to the W1 SOTA list, this summit has never been QRV. Estimated arrival is 1600 UTC.

I will sign KX9X/1 and be operating mostly CW. Check 7.064, 10.148, 14.064, 18.084 and 21.064 MHz. I will have a Yaesu 817ND with 5 watts and a dipole antenna.

I hope the WX coooperates and I can get QRV from HA-012.

Feel free to contact me at kx9x@arrl.org with any questions.


Sean KX9X

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Welcome to the fun Sean.

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Welcome to the SOTA-FUN, Sean!

Be sure to post an alert and spot yourself here. Also on www.QRPspots.com if possible. Goats and I will be watching for you.

73, Steve …wGØAT/R&P

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Hi Sean

I might just drop you an email if the WX and propagation is good, I am still looking for my first S2S across the pond.
Cool name by the way.
Sean M0GIA

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Welcome Sean! Hope to get ya from SoCal. Happy Activation.


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Hi, Sean.

I will be activating W1/GM-011 (100 miles distant) a couple of hours before you. Hopefully I will still be on the air when you get set up and we can complete a summit-to-summit contact on 40m??

Will you be following qrpspots or sotawatch on the day?