Hegdon Hill G/WB-023

I’ve heard of Rangers objecting to using tent pegs.

Yet Celtic are perfectly happy with them :wink:

Sorry, I’ll get my hat.

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I’ll hand it to you!

Are you saying Princess Anne was in Love Island Series 931?? Could happen, I s’pose… Not.

Elliott, K6EL

I saw your spot for 2m but by the time I got the radio plugged back in after its morning outing you’d gone onto 20m. I probably would’ve been able to work you if you had a slim jim or similar?

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With Saturday being a complete wash-out, decided to go out Sunday afternoon to revisit some summits in WB.
Starting with G/WB-019 (May Hill) followed by G/WB-013 (Garway Hill), G/WB-024 (Aconbury Hill), G/WB-022 (Seager Hill) and finished the afternoon with G/WB-023 (Hegdon Hill).

Having read Tom’s (@M1EYP) struggles a few weeks ago and it being late afternoon on a Sunday, I decided to put up my ladderline SJ raising it up around ~5m off the ground.
After 19 contacts on 40m, managed to add a further 6 contacts on 2m FM.

A fence runs along the PROW; I used one of the sturdy posts to attach my pole to. (The picture is taken with the gate behind me).

73, Robert