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Heading for the hills


Many thanks for all the effort that you have put in over the years Rob and for the on-going gift of the SMP. Life moves on and your health must take priority - goodness me, don’t I know that!

My best wishes for the future and for whatever to turn your talents to.

Gerald G4OIG


My very sincere thanks, Rob, for this remarkable resource which is my first port of call whenever I consider a new SOTA venture.
I very much hope that you have found a new interest to absorb you but without the pressing commitment that you evidently felt the need to put in to the SMP project. Enjoy some relaxation and let someone else take the strain.
Our very best wishes (Viki, M6BWA/P, has benefited equally from my use of the SMP).


We all owe you a huge vote of thanks for your huge investment in this project and for being so responsible in the means and timing of your disengagement. Good luck, health & happiness.


On behalf of Rob: (as he no longer has login access to any SOTA websites including SOTAMaps).

Rob would like to express his deep appreciation to those who posted replies to this thread, and for their kind words of understanding, support and encouragement