Head Torch Cree 3 Watt, Heads Up

My head torch is a 5 watt cree rechargeable and quite frankly it’s very bulky and too bright on the full setting, making it very current hungry. To be on the safe side, I recharge it after every activation. I’ve been running it on the low power setting, which is still extremely bright.

Popped into Aldi this morning and noticed a pile of 3 Watt Cree head torches in the tool section, priced at £7.99. My old head torch was 3 watt amd was plenty bright enough even on the low setting.
Not rechargeable, but runs on three alkaline AAA’s (supplied)

With Winter on the way, might be of use to someone.

73 Mike

I have one of those 5 Watt Chinese jobs. I used it for cycling a few time last winter. However motorists objected strongly (most prefer not to see cyclists)… Like you I have downsized.