Hi all,

just like to inform you about the reason of the special-call’s in Switzerland.
In 2009 the Union of Swiss Short Wave Amateurs (USKA) celebrates the 80th aniversary.
From 01.01. to 31.12.2009 Swiss amateurs can change their prefix from HB9 to HE8 and novice-calls HB3 can change to HB8.
No certificate is planned for this event, all QSL’s counts the Helvetia-awards.

Helvetia-award-rules in German:

Vy73 Fritz HE8CSA (DL4FDM)

In reply to HB9CSA:

Hi Fritz,

Thanks for the info. On one of my last expeditions on sota ON/ON-009 I worked a station HE8AIB. At first, there was ring a bell by me … I knew that it was Switzerland, but I was thinking about a new prefix callsign, more in the direction of a novice lisence.

This information was very welcome … Now I know something more.
QSL via the usual route BURO I think … its ok? HE8AIB —> HB9AIB ???

Thanks !


In reply to ON6DSL:

Hi Luc,

yes HE8AIB = HB9AIB Op. Kurt.
QSLs via USKA-bureau ok.

Congrats on all your excellent SOTA-expeditions!

GL es vy73 Fritz

In reply to HB9CSA:

I make mistake Fritz, it was HE8 I A B



Nice link (webcam) on the summit see on QRZ.com