HB9SOTA - Monte Bar 8th July 2012 ref. HB/TI-136

The weekend days of 7th and 8th July 2012, with a group of fellows, we’ll climb to the mountain hut “Capanna Monte Bar” (www.capannamontebar.ch) to activate a new reference for the Insubric Huts Award (www.insubriaradio.org). We’ll use the callsign HB9IRC.

On Sundays 8th, to introduce the SOTA Award to my fiends, we’ll climb to the summit and we will activate the SOTA reference HB/TI-136. We will be in several OMs so we will transmit in both CW and SSB.
Thank to SOTA - Switzerland for allowing us to use the callsign HB9SOTA.
I hope to do a lot of QSOs with you!<<<

I would not, because this is also another activity that someone could read it wrong.
In fact it was I who wanted to bring SOTA so that others could understand the pleasure of OM reaching the top and doing radio.

Thanks for your comment.


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