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HB9SOTA: Lowland Summit Award

Lowland Summit Award
The Board of Directors of HB9SOTA have recently introduced the Lowland Summit Award, which recognizes contacts only with 1- and 2-point summits in Switzerland. Certificates in the two categories activator and chaser/SWL are available. The Lowland Summit Award is issued in the following three levels:

• Alpenrose: 50 1- and 2-point summits in Switzerland
• Enzian: 100 1- and 2-point summits in Switzerland
• Edelweiss: all 176 1- and 2-point summits in Switzerland

The complete award rules and regulations can be found on the HB9SOTA website at https://hb9sota.ch/hb9sota-award-rules/

During a vote of members in 2020, they decided with 33 votes that 1 January 2013 would be set as the starting date for counting summits for the new award. The close vote, which set the starting date retroactively, meant that Bruno HB9CBR was the first person to achieve the highest category, Edelweiss, having activated all 176 1- and 2-point summits since the starting date.

Any ham can claim the Lowland Summit Award from the following link: https://hb9sota.ch/lowland-summit-award/
The award is issued at no charge to members of HB9SOTA; others pay a fee of CHF 10.

In the summit map at https://hb9sota.ch/gipfelkarte/ and when applying for the Lowland Summit Award at the previous link, activators and chasers can use an option that allows them to determine how many and which 1- and 2-point summits they still need to complete an award level.
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg


Yey, I have worked 56 lowland HB9 summits, enough for an Alpenrose award :smiley:

73, Milos S57D

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all HB9SOTA members for the Lowland Summit Award.


EA2DT Manuel

》》》Number of chased Lowland Summits: 83 You qualify for the “Alpenrose” award《《《:partying_face:

73 Chris