HB9SOTA donation to SOTA organization

At its 2014 annual meeting, the Swiss SOTA Group HB9SOTA authorized the donation of CHF 200.00 (approx GBP 135) for the operation of the services we so highly value.

We hope that other SOTA-related organizations will consider doing the same.

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Nice one!

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… Example for imitation: To celebrate the achievement of SOTA s2s Platinum Award in Sept. 2013 a donation of 5p per s2s point (GBP 250) was made in favour of SOTA HQ (in appreciation of the great services provided to the SOTA community, day by day) …

On behalf of everyone involved in Summits on the Air I would like to thank the Swiss SOTA Group very much for this kind donation. It is a wonderful contribution which will help to cover the ongoing costs of running the SOTA web sites and enable us to continue our programme development work. It is greatly appreciated.

John, G3WGV

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Dear John,
The HB9SOTA group donation in something I’m pretty sure many of us would be willing to imitate at, of course, different individually chosen levels.
I’ve been looking for some information or link on the web page telling how to make donations but I haven’t found it.
My advise is for you to think about providing such feature to your web asap, as I’m convinced we all are having so much fun with the great SOTA program you are wonderfully conducting, that many of us will be pleased to make some donations to help you with the surely increasing amount of work and costs to cover.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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The Donate button is currently on the Checkout page of www.sota-shop.co.uk

When I solve a problem on my home computer I will also put a link on the entry page for that site - may be some days before I do this.


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

Monday 31 March 1453Hrs
Donate facility is now on the entry page of www.sota-shop.co.uk